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Triballat Noyal
2, rue Julien Neveu
BP 93106
35531 Noyal sur Vilaine cedex
Phone : 02 99 04 11 11
Fax : 02 99 04 17 44
SAS au capital de 5 000 000 EUR
R.C. Rennes B 709200307
SIRET : 709200307 00011
APE : 1051 A
N° TVA intracommunautaire : FR 23 709 200 307

Publication manager: Olivier Clanchin


MBA Multimédia

4 rue de la Clairière

35770 Vern sur Seiche (Bretagne)

Phone : 33(0) 2 99 26 31 92

Fax : 33(0) 2 99 26 31 91


68, rue du faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris
RCS de Paris B 419 632 286

Phone : 33 (0)1 70 13 70 00


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Data is collected for the sole purpose of establishing commercial and professional relations with customers. Personal data is kept by La Fromagée Jean-Yves Bordier for a reasonably limited ti+A85me. If all the required information on the site’s forms is not provided  (“* required information”), the form cannot be submitted and La Fromagée Jean-Yves Bordier will never see it. The right to access and rectify data provided for in Article 34 et seq of the above mentioned act can be exercised by writing to the address  “Service consommateurs – La Fromagée Jean-Yves Bordier l – 2 rue Julien Neveu – 35531 Noyal sur Vilaine – FRANCE”

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To guarantee its security and access to all, this Web site uses computer software to control the site traffic, identify unauthorized attempts to connect, to change information on the site, or any other initiative that may cause damage. Unauthorized attempts to upload or alter information, aiming to cause damage, or generally speaking any attack on the availability and integrity of the site are strictly forbidden and will be punished by the criminal code. Thus article 323-1 of the criminal code states that accessing or fraudulently remaining in any part of an automated data processing system (as is a Web site) is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and 30,000 euros in fines. Article 323-3 of the same code states that fraudulently introducing data into an automated data processing system or fraudulently deleting or modifying the data it contains is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and 75,000 euros in fines.


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