Step 4:  Caring

Each day of the week our cheese maturers take care of our cheeses. They manage levels of fermentation, monitor the fermentation process, and provide six types of care according to the nature of their charges as well as the tasting objectives that we wish to offer our creameries.  The cheeses themselves “speak” and express their needs.  Our cheese maturers decode them thanks to visual aspects (color, size, appearance), their aroma, their touch (humidity and suppleness of the rind), and taste.  Thus our cheese maturers are able to nuance their daily care.

First Care:  Forgetting the Cheese

At first, the cheese maturers take care to let the cheeses be in their cellars to age.  They taste one or two pieces from time to time to judge their level of aging and define the best moment to offer them to our customers for the best level of taste.