270916- Lorient La Base, Cité de la Voile, Bretons d'ici bretons d'ailleurs 2016. © Yvan Zedda

By Hubert Malidor, Chef at the Brittany Region Prefecture kitchens

For 20 oyester

20 Tsarkaya oysters (caliber 2)

30g / 1 oz “Harpe Noire” organic buckwheat flour

60g / 2 oz “Harpe Noire” organic wheat flour

3 mini Hotgame carrots (purple and white)

2 mini Hotgame chiogga beets

100g / 3 1/2 oz Dulce and Wakame seaweed

150g / 5 1/4 oz Bordier seaweed (or buckwheat) butter

70g 1/3 peanut oil

1 liter/ 1quart dry cider

1/2 liter / 1 pint liquid whipping cream, 35% butterfat

Curry and cumin

Agar agar

Salt and pepper

Rye bread


Cider mousse : Reduce the citer to over ¾ liter / quart. Add 1 spoonful of cider vinegar, ½ liter / 1 pint whipping cream, and pour into a shipon. Set aside.

Open the oysters (keeping the shells which act as a stand). Throw out the water, and poach in simmerling cider. When finished, spoon out the oysters on to a dishtowel to drain.

Cider-seaweed jelly : Rinse and mince 30g / 2tbl Wakamé and Dulce seaweed. Mix 30g / 2 tbl Madras curry, 20g 4 tsp cumin1 1 liter / 1 quart cicer, 2 level spoonfuls agar agar, and bring to a boil. Poach the seaweeed, and spoon the jelly into the bottom of a serving bowl. Refrigerate.

Wheat-Buckwheat Crips : Mix then blend the buckwheat and wheat flours with 240g / 1 cup water, the peanut oil, and 6 / 1 ¼ tsp salt.

Cook each crisp without adding any grease in a blintz pan until golden.

Vegetables :   Slice the carrots and chiogga beets very finely.  Blanch and shape with a cookie cutter.


Place an oyster on the jelly, top with a tip of cider mousse sprinkled with curry, and decorate with the vegetable strips and a crisp.

Serve with two slices of toasted bread buttered with Bordier seaweed or buckwheat butter.