How to present Bordier Butters

Butter Balls

  • Take a dish in white porcelain, a white paddle or an escargot dish (with rounded spaces for the snails).
  • Make balls with different chilled butters (seaweed, smoked, semi-salted, Yuzu, Espelette chili, etc.) with a 3 cm / 1 ¼ inch ice cream scoop dipped each time into warm water as if you were serving ice cream
  • Place the balls attractively on your plate.

A Heart for a Romantic Dinner


Make hearts in the butters of your choice with a melon baller.

In Mussel- and Nutshells


  • Fill the cleaned half shells of Spanish mussels with seaweed butter to go along with a steamed fish fillet.
  • Fill the emptied half shells of walnuts with smoked butter and serve with walnut bread or sliced, cooked ham.

Melted into an Attractive Glass

  • Slowly melt the butter of your choice in a small saucepan and pour it into a small glass.  For example:
  • Yuzu butter on green beans with a few drops of soy sauce
  • Seaweed butter on a salad of potatoes and shelled cockles
  • Espelette chili butter is ideal for baby supions (octopi) with chopped parsley and sautéed in smoked butter on a fillet of cod.