Jean-Yves Bordier’s flavored butters for Loïc Ballet’s “Triporteur” on the Télématin program


Three recipe suggestions for flavored butter that Jean-Yves Bordier made on the Saint Malo beach for a French TV program, Télématin, on a delivery tricycle.

  • Semi-salted paprika butter sprinkled with oregano tips (the smaller leaves)
  • Semi-salted butter with roasted peanut oil butter sprinkled with poppy seeds
  • Semi-salted butter with shallots, onions and lemon verbena

The preparation is the same for each recipe.  Take the butter out of the refrigerator a few minutes before you begin preparing it.  Mix the ingredients and the butter with a fork in a stainless mixing bowl.

Once the butter and the ingredients have been homogenized, let rest for 1 hour before serving.

For the proportions, flavor your butters according to your own tastes and be creative—try out different recipes!

For Dessert

  • Mix the sweet (or salted) butter with some vanilla sugar, cinnamon or powdered ginger.  Melt over sweetened hot crepes.