Butter right off the bat for cocktails

  • At lunch or in the evening, make up some different flavored butters for cocktails.  Let your guests guess what the flavors are and choose their favorite.  Make it even more enjoyable with crispy mini-baguettes, a nice carafe of dry, crisp white wine, and all of our butters—what a great way to make for a memorable cocktail time!


For Cocktail Snacks:

  • Reinvent the classic “radishes & butter:” butter thinly sliced pink or black radish with salted butter.  Serve on toasted sesame bread.
  • Blend some sweet butter with 1 or 2 desalted anchovy fillets and serve inside a celery rib.
  • Blead sweet butter and ripe camembert with some toasted almonds.  Spread over small croutons.
  • Crush up some canned sardines with a fork along with some seaweed butter.  Serve with a gentle mash of warm potatoes, and season with some Celtic vinegar.