Butter can be enjoyed on bread just by itself—what a delectable sin!

Slice some butter and just place the slices on the bread without spreading (which changes the texture of the butter).  Bite into it…  All of its flavors and smoothness will explode in your mouth!

Bordier Butter can be eaten as is or melted on an ingredient, either cooked or reheated.  You may find all of our recipe ideas on the page “Discover our Recipes.”

Butter: Morning, Noon and Night!

Butter at Breakfast or for an Afternoon Snack

At breakfast or in the afternoon, put some salted butter on your brioche along with some jam, powdered or slivered chocolate, or even just some sugar and take a trip back to your childhood.  For example, some Yuzu butter with a strawberry jam or vanilla butter with chocolate shavings.