Serves 2:


  • 5 medium sized Jerusalem artichokes
  • 1 small potato
  • 6 medium shrimp / prawns
  • 20 cl / 6 ¾ fl oz whipping / single cream
  • 20 g / 4 tsp Bordier Roscoff onion butter
  • 5 cl / ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 shallots
  • Pepper and Fleur de sel
  • Chives


Peel and mince the shallots. Peel and shape the Jerusalem artichokes.

In a pan, sweat the shallots in the onion butter. Add the artichokes, cover and cook for 10 min. Pour in water to cover. Boil for another 20 min. then blend. Add the cream and check the seasoning.

Heat the olive oil in a very hot pan. Peel the shrimp / prawns and brown for 1 minute. Turn the heat off and leave in the hot pan for another 2 min.

Spoon the cream into deep-dish plates. Place the shrimp / prawns attractively on the cream. Finish with freshly ground pepper, a pinch of fleur de sel, a dash of olive oil, and finely minced chives.