Serves 2:


  • 2 cod fillets
  • 50 g / ¼ cup grated parmesan
  • 50 g / ¼ cup fine breadcrumbs
  • 60 g / 4 tbl Bordier Roscoff onion butter
  • 1 knob salted butter
  • Olive oil
  • 2 pinches curry powder
  • 30 cl / 1 1/3 cups whipping / single cream
  • 2 tbl fried onions
  • 2 parsnips


Prepare a parsnip mash. Cook the parsnips in salted water, then blend with a bit of cream and the knob of butter.

Prepare the foam. Warm the cream in a pot with 10 g / 2 tsp of onion butter and the fried onions. Let infuse, then filter and pour into a siphon. Before serving, warm the siphon in a bain marie.

Place 2 pieces of cod in a baking dish, lightly salt to firm up the fish, and refrigerate.

Mix the breadcrumbs, 50 g / 3 1/3 tbl onion butter, and the parmesan. Mix to smooth out and shape into a ball. Pour the mixture on to parchment paper. Top with a second piece of paper. Roll out until 2-3 mm thick or a very thin rectangular sheet. Refrigerate 45 min.

Once chilled, slice bands equal to the length of the cod fillets and top the fillets with the breadcrumb bands.

Bake at 180°C / 350°F 15-20 min. depending on the thickness of the fish.