Serves 4


6 King of the Pippins apples

Bordier Madagascar vanilla Butter

A jar of soft Bordier caramel




Choose 6 nice King of the Pippins (Reine des Reinettes) apples, and core them, leaving them unpeeled. Place them in a terra-cotta baking dish.

Into each hole slide a good sized pat of Bordier Madagascar vanilla butter.

Warm the uncovered jar of soft Bordier caramel in the microwave and top the apples with it and a smidgen of rum to taste.

Bake at 120°C / 250°F for 3 hours generously basting the apples every 30 minutes so that soon they take on lovely golden colors.


Add a scoop of tutti-frutti plombière ice cream, which will add a touch of the Carribean to your dessert!

Serve with an excellent “Sydre” cider from Eric Bordelet.