Tasting courses open to all take place at the Cave de l’Abbaye St. Jean in groups of 10-15 people starting at 6:30pm.

All classes are organized around products, such as cheeses, butters or French charcuterie, or dishes and are accompanied by a range of wines selected by Yannick Heude.

Your guides:

• Luc Mobihan, Le Saint-Placide in St. Malo. The cuisine of a Michelin-starred chef.

• Yannick Heude, La Cave de l’Abbaye de Saint-Jean in St. Malo. Tasting initiation, wine pairings.

• Jean-Yves Bordier, Cheese and Butter artisan, St. Malo.  From the milky way to butter and cheese.

• Philippe Renault, Baker and Pastry Chef in St Enogat (in Dinard). Bread and baked goods:  getting your hands into it.

• Olivier Gousset, Restaurant ZAG, Dinan. Favorite dishes from all over the world.

For the next sessions, log on to http://www.cave-abbaye.com/ecole_du_gout_4.htm

Cost of each class:  €40.

Registration at the Cave de l’Abbaye de St. Jean, +332 99 20 17 20 or by email to  comptoirabbayestjean@orange.fr.