Sardines in Bordier Butter

Boîte de sardines au beurre Bordier

The sardines caught around the Quiberon Peninsula on the French Atlantic coast off of Brittany are carefully prepared in Bordier butter and canned by hand by the La Quiberonnaise company.

For three generations, demanding suppliers, artisanal know-how and local sourcing enable us to offer canned fish with a natural salted, iodic or spicy flavor.  But most of all unique and inimitably good!

Available in semi-salted, seaweed, yuzu flavors and Espelette chili.

Bordier Butter Caramels

Paquets de caramel bonbon Bordier

The caramel—the ultimate combination of sugar and butter.  A simple, refined pleasure that is the natural partner for a good cup of coffee.  A sweet and simple pleasure to finish a meal.

A treat for young and old alike, the caramel can have a “rebellious” or sensuous taste.  With a traditional or exotic taste, it slowly melts in your mouth, under your tongue and makes you wish you had more!

Available in semi-salted, yuzu, raspberry or buckwheat.

Bordier Butter Caramel Sauce

Caramel-beurre-bordier-Nature--3pots- BD

On a warm crepe, on buttered bread, in fromage blanc or simply by the spoonful, our salted butter caramel sauce will enchant you!
Available in semi-salted.


Bordier Butter Cookies / Biscuits

Boîtes de biscuits Bordier

The Maison du Biscuit has been making cookies traditionally for five generations in Normandy.  The recipes elaborated by Jean-Yves Bordier are made with Bordier Semi-Salted butter.

Wake up your taste buds with morsels of salted butter caramel cookies, crunchy slivered almond tiles, and the melt-in-your-mouth taste of moist almond financiers.


Babas de Saint-Malo


Chef Luc Mobihan of the St.Placide in St.Malo got his inspiration from the islands to create a dessert in a jar for his friend Jean-Yves Bordier. Already back in 2014, rum brought them together with they started up a temporary restaurant during the Route du Rhum regatta with the School of Taste, and again in 2015 during a trip to Guadeloupe in the West Indies. And once again in 2016 with their Babas au Rhum!Made with Bordier butter, the babas are coated in a vanilla pod sugar syrup flavord with the subtle tones of rum. With such a tender dessert, will only one jar be enough ?

Serve them in their syrup or alone with a good helping of whipped cream, fresh fruit or, for those with a sweet tooth, a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Happy sailing to the islands !

Take a dive into the recipes for Babas in Triple Sec and Corsican Oranges, as well as in Limoncello with Corsican lemons.

Sold in jars of 6 babas. Also available in individual baba balls, only in selected shops.