Yaourts Bordier


Bordier Yogurts

Bordier Yogurts are produced by a farmer in the Morbihan département in Brittany from his cows’ whole milk, which gives it the sweetness and smoothness that characterize Bordier yogurts.

Available plain, whole or skimmed milk, sweetened or flavored with pineapple, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, lime, Madagascar vanilla, Roussillon peach, Plougastel strawberry or mango passion pitaya.

Bordier Single / Liquid Cream

Pots de crème fleurette 25 cL

Produced traditionally at the farm, Bordier single / liquid cream is separated from the milk and taken from the warm milk straight from the cow.

This cream contains 37% fat which makes the difference from less authentically produced creams which have less fat.  This level gives it a richer taste with a hint of hazelnut and a more consistent texture.  You may use it whipped, for mousses, bavarois or charlottes, or why not even for a Fontainebleau?

Bordier Double / Thick Cream

Pot de crème fraîche 20 cL

Bordier double / thick cream is made in Normandy from fresh milk which, after collection, is left to mature for twenty hours to develop its flavors and texture which makes it so unique.  In the spring, it has a slightly fruity taste with irresistible floral overtones thanks to the new grass in abundance in the pastures.  This smooth and flavorful cream is ideal for refined, gourmet cuisine, and can be paired perfectly with mussels, smoked salmon or a tartiflette.  The difference between fresh cream and liquid cream?  Its texture, one thicker than the other.

Bordier Fromage Frais

Pot de fromage blanc Bordier 200g

Fromage frais or blanc is a thick, smooth, creamy cheese enjoyed sweet (fromage blanc or white cheese) or savory (fromage frais) that resembles a very thick yogurt more than actual cheese, but with an entirely different taste.

Bordier fromage frais comes from a traditional farm in Normandy and is recognizable thanks to its firm texture, the small curds coming from its manual scooping, and its atypical taste of fresh cheese having just been strained.

Bordier fromage blanc is made from a tradition straining method using a bag directly at the farm who carefully milked his/her cows.  This fromage blanc has a distinctive taste thanks to its artisanal and traditional method of production.  It can be enjoyed either as is or sweetened.  You may wish to mix it with jam or a red fruit coulis.  It can be used perfectly in making cheesecake or served for cocktails on toast with chives, olive oil and lemon.

Bordier Rice Pudding

Pot de riz au lait Bordier 110g

To all foodies:  you can find in Bordier Rice Pudding made by a craftsman all the smoothness of cream combined with melt-in-your-mouth rice chocked full of milk.  Thanks to being baked, a golden color appears on the rice giving it a subtle taste of hazelnut mixed with vanilla.

You may enjoy this rice pudding chilled as is or warmed slightly for several minutes in a 150°C (300°F) oven.  You may also serve it with liquid caramel or Bordier Butter, fruit compote, fruit coulis or jam.