An instinctive, masterful cuisine which enables Bordier Butters to blend in with seasonal ingredients.

The “Bistro Autour du Beurre” fulfills your wishes for freshness and offers you the talents of chef Steve Delamaire using the catch of local fisherman and ingredients from the farmers’ market featuring Bordier Butters. An unusual, historic place combining natural materials, modern design and creamery bric-a-brac.

Lunche on fixed-price menu (starter, main and dessert special): €23.00

From Tuesday to Friday noon , excluding holidays


Appetizers at €15

Bouchot mussels with girolles and Granny Smith apple.

Langoustine cassolette with butternut and hazelnut, ship milk sauce.

Sautéed Foie gras with beef consommé and glasswort.

Main from €22 to €28

Young pigeon with cranberries, epeautre risotto and chard, béatilles toast with espelette butter.

Roasted seabass, peperoni cannelloni and eggplant, beans from Paimpol with sage milk  and smocked salt butter.

Polack fish with seeds, artichoke with argan oil and ginger.

Plate with different ham and Bordier cheeses.

Suggestion €32 to €38

‘Mont St Michel’ lamb, eggplant with pesto, potatoes with confit garlic and Espelette butter.

Braised sweetbreads with buckwheat butter, artichoke and blackcurrant, veal juice and honey alcohol.

Blue Lobster salad with fresh vegetables, chopped fennel and lime, honey and rosemary dressing.

Desserts at €12

Plate of cave-aged cheeses.

Season fruit salad with Vergeoise sugar, vanilla butter gavotte, champagne sorbet.

Pear soufflé with gingerbread espuma, pear sorbet.

Paris-Brest cake with Sicile pistachio, olive oil and lemon butter ice cream.

All prices include service



Opening times

Reservations are recommended:

November to March
Luncheon (12-2pm) Tuesdays through Saturdays
Dinner (7-10pm) Fridays and Saturdays

Thursdays Dinner (7-10pm) during school vacation / holidays in Brittany

Closed for the month of January  to  february 5th included.
April to June
Luncheon (12-2pm) Tuesdays through Saturdays
Dinner (7-10pm) Thursdays through Saturdays

July and August
Luncheon (12-2pm) Tuesdays through Saturdays
Dinner (7-10pm) Tuesdays through Saturdays
September to November
Luncheon (12-2pm) Tuesdays through Saturdays
Dinner (7-10pm) Thursdays through Saturdays

Contact Information

Bistro Autour du Beurre
7 rue de l’Orme – St Malo Intra-Muros