Fromage Bordier affinéDairymen, cheesemongers, grocers, butchers, caterers, fishmongers, greengrocers or vintners:  we share the passion with you for products that have a meaning and are the fruit of manual or animal labor, a terroir or the love for a profession.  Also a philosophy:  accompany our clients towards to great culinary surprises!

Thus, your orders are handled with minute precision and your products prepared individually.  Your parcels leave our kitchens in under 24 hours.

Our butters are available in slabs and bricks in ten recipes and regularly with a seasonal recipe.


Our cheeses are cared for in our aging cellars and looked after with care to serve your needs and your customer’s expectations.  You make your own choice among our cheeses adapted for self-service sales.  You may choose the level of aging, the shape of the slice and the weight of the cheese.  We wrap the slices individually in clear plastic. Do not hesitate to ask our advice for a particular customer order.

The creamery could also complete your selection:  fresh or single / liquid creams, fromage frais, rice pudding and a collection of sterilized and brewed yogurts.

A selection of fine gourmet foods featuring Bordier Butters makes the ideal welcome gift for your guests:  caramels, liquid caramel, cookies / biscuits or sardines.